Monday, April 8, 2013


There is an old saying: "He who buys based only on price, is legal prey for anyone who sells based on price." Someone will always find a way to come in lower...but (and this is a big but) at what ultimate cost to the buyer? I've worked with business service companies that will respond to a requested price quote just to stay in the game, when in fact the game was over from the get go. I've also worked for companies that would simply have thanked the buyer for his/her interest and clarified that they are not bidders because bidding in and of itself does allow the seller to differentiate its service, quality and overall resources. One solution to a price only mentality is to say OK, I'll send in a quote, however, I need to better understand the criteria of the decision making...what weight does the organization place on each component of the deliverable? In short, the seller needs to attack the idea of defining value from the buyer's perspective at the very start with a goal of building a relationship, not closing a deal. Sometimes the best deal is the one you are willing to walk away from.


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