Monday, October 8, 2012


I believe a sale is about value creation, how is the salesperson helping to deliver value to his/her customer. The salesperson should understand, first and foremost, the primary goals of the industry they are selling. As a general rule and common denominator, most large organizations from my experience are focused on 3 key goals: 1) growth, 2) market expansion and 3) new market creation. Is the sale contributing one or more of these goals in some way?
I would want a sales force to attack 4 critical questions in preparing for it pitches:
1. What can I help the client achieve that they could not achieve before?
2. Is the benefit of the product or service I am selling measureable and is my sales process accountable?
3. How does my product and/or service help my client outflank its competition?
4. Am I providing a good price?

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